How To Block a GTBank ATM Card (Fastest Method)

How To Block a GTBank ATM Card (Fastest Method)

Are you among people asking how can I block my GTBank ATM card? Are you in search of how to block my GTBank ATM card? If you are among those asking such questions, then this article is for you.

This article explains how to block your GTBank ATM using SMS, USSD codes, Internet banking, and calling customer care service. However, pay attention and read the post to the end.

Lost or stolen ATM cards can be both inconvenient and dangerous, as they can lead to the loss of money and other unauthorized transactions in your accounts.

It may be prudent to notify your nearest Guaranty Trust Bank Plc branch to have these cards blocked is a good decision. However, if you are a GTBank cardholder, you can block/deactivate your ATM in seconds by yourself.

The bank offers you various options to do so at your convenience. This way, you can avoid long lines of people waiting to report to the bank and have your card blocked from anywhere.

Reasons People Block Their GTBank ATM Card

People block their Guarantee Trust Bank ATM, debit, or credit for many reasons, such as your ATM card being stolen, lost or misplaced, or you notice someone else uses your ATM card for a transaction that is not yours.

These events may occur one or more times, so you need easy access to block or deactivate your ATM when they occur. Continue reading to see easy steps to block GTBank ATM online.

Best 4 Ways to Block Your GTBank ATM Card (Fastest Method)

GTBank has made it easy for its customers to block their ATM cards in different ways. Unlike other banks, which will ask you to go to their nearest branch to file complaints and fill out forms. However, the longer it takes to block a stolen ATM card, you by the scammers time to carry out their fraudulent activities on your account.

As a modern commercial bank GTBank has quick and effective ways to block lost ATMs, especially when the bank is on holidays or weekends. Using USSD and other means, you can block your lost ATM card.

You can block your Guarantee Trust Bank debit or credit card by using the following methods below:

  • SMS
  • USSD codes
  • Internet banking
  • Contacting Customer Care Service

How to block a GTBank ATM card by SMS

To hotlist GTbank ATM cards using SMS, follow the guideline below:

Text “HOTLIST (Account Number)” to 08076665555. Once the text has been sent your account will be locked with your ATM blocked.

You must send the SMS from the phone number linked to the affected bank account, and SMS charges apply.

How to Block a GTB ATM Card via USSD Code

To block your GTBANK ATM card on the phone using USSD code is the simplest and fastest method. However, follow the guidelines below.

  • Dail *737*51*74 on any mobile phone number in Nigeria.
  • Afterward, enter your mobile number linked to your account and your *737* transfer PIN.
  • Instantly, your account will be locked and restricted from any transactions, including debits and transfers, and your ATM card will be blocked.

You can contact GTBank customer service or visit any GT Bank branch near you to unlock your account.

How to Block a GTBank ATM Card via Online Banking

You can block your GTB ATM card via online banking by following these steps.

  • Log on to the GTBank online banking portal at with your correct details (Username and Password).
  • Click on the Menu button and select “Cards and Cheques.”
  • Click on “Cards” from the left menu panel.
  • Tap on “Card Hotlist”
  • Next, enter the correct card number.
  • State the reason for card hot listing.
  • Enter answers to security questions.
  • Click on “Continue.”
  • Enter your “Token Code.”
  • Click on “Continue” to complete the process.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are without a hardware token, you can generate a token code by dialing *737*7# Enter your USSD transaction PIN to see the token code. Token code is immediately displayed.

However, to use online banking to deactivate your GTBank bank ATM, you must first activate internet banking on your account.

How to Block GTBank ATM by Contacting Customer Care Service

Using GTbank’s card call service to stop your ATM card is easy. Get in touch with GTBank Customer care services, which vary according to the type of lost card.

For debit and credit cards, call 01-4480000, 08039003900, or 0700GTConnect and request deactivation of your ATM card, which is done almost immediately.

Please note that any GTBank ATM card you block/hotlist will be permanently destroyed, and you will not be able to use it for any other transactions even if you get it back. However, you have to visit GTbank to apply for a new ATM card.

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